Episode 43: Episode 43: Found (featuring Cody and Colton Tapoler of The Lost Bros)

January 15th, 2019

Entrepreneurial inspiration can be found anywhere. Brothers Cody and Colton Tapoler found their inspiration at one of the happiest places on earth — Disney World. Combining Cody’s creative skills and Colton’s operational expertise, the brothers have created park-related merchandise that is more in line with their sensibilities and turned their love of pop culture and theme parks into a thriving fashion and lifestyle brand.

The Lost Bros is a fast-growing company and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. From music and trip planning to their goal of partnering with Disney itself, there isn’t an end in sight to the success that these entrepreneurs have found. It’s the story of The Lost Bros on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:34] Introducing the passion that evolved into a full-blown lifestyle business.
[6:09] Keeping ahead of the consumer demand for all things Disney.
[9:50] Leveraging the urgency that comes with carrying limited-quantity merchandise.
[11:53] Growing the Lost Boys team while honoring their core values.
[14:43] The creative process that turns concepts into marketable designs.
[19:07] Interacting with fans and keeping on good terms with the parks.
[22:40] Scaling to The Lost Bros means growing without an upper ceiling and not burning out.
[26:18] Must-see Disney attractions in 2019.
[28:55] Brothers building a business versus building a brand.

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