Episode 42: Episode 42: Hospitality (featuring HEX Coffee)

January 7th, 2019

HEX Coffee is a hospitality company that doesn’t just serve coffee. By focusing on unique experiences that exceed customer expectations, Hex Coffee has grown to a brand that is roasting their own beans, managing a physical cafe, and shipping products across the country.

These three partners have positioned themselves in a place of growth and acceptance in the expanding Charlotte, North Carolina community. They admit that they’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned important lessons along their entrepreneurial path and they have tips on how to turn anyone into a lover of high-quality coffee. It’s the story of Hex Coffee on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:30] Introducing HEX Coffee and their journey from pop-up shop to roasting in their own space.
[7:32] Are Americans asking for more than ever from their relationship with coffee?
[9:47] Growing the skills and setting the milestones required to build a large-market coffee business.
[13:47] Defining roles, hiring staff, and sharing responsibilities within a growing company.
[20:16] All about the Coffee Shot.
[28:06] Carving out a niche in a growing community starts with forming a loyal customer base.
[30:20] Looking ahead to the future of HEX Coffee.
[34:17] Overcoming obstacles in order to keep moving forward.
[40:45] Developing a taste and a love for good coffee.
[44:20] Bringing people together is a dream come true at HEX Coffee.

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