Episode 39: Episode 39: Path (featuring AJ Bruno of QuotaPath)

December 11th, 2018

Every journey in entrepreneurship includes at least one unexpected detour. But the unexpected changes in our paths sometimes lead us toward the greatest successes. AJ Bruno found himself faced with such a situation while scaling a rapidly growing startup company in Austin, Texas. The lessons he learned there turned one of the biggest challenges for his first company into the mission for his second company.

Today we’re talking about the business model that makes QuotaPath both unique and sustainable. AJ is confident that he has created a billion-dollar company and they are well on their way. It’s the story of QuotaPath on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:15] The challenge AJ faced in his first company that prompted the creation of QuotaPath.
[5:33] Evolving as a leader in various stages and roles with a rapidly-growing company.
[12:00] Building a second start-up company was shaped by lessons learned at the first one.
[14:49] Comparing contributing factors to the success of a product-led vs. sales-led company.
[18:20] How QuotaPath uses data-driven changes — and their instincts — to allow optimal implementation for their users.
[22:04] Protecting a start-up feature from being absorbed by more well-established companies.
[24:19] Building a team that is spread across the country means aligning everyone’s efforts.
[28:33] Managing the work-life balance for a young family and a young company.
[30:30] AJ’s vision for making QuotaPath a billion-dollar company.