Episode 38: Episode 38: Giving (featuring John Gossart of Goodworld)

November 20th, 2018

Making a charitable donation online is now as simple as posting a hashtag comment on your favorite social media post, thanks to the innovative idea behind John Gossart’s startup company GoodWorld. GoodWorld has eliminated expensive processing fees and security hurdles and kept charitable donations where they belong — within the moment that inspired the generosity behind them.

John joins me today to discuss the ‘right idea at the right time’ concept behind GoodWorld. He shares the strategies that have kept them on equal playing grounds with big businesses and reminds us that starting any company comes with challenges that simply can’t be solved with hustle alone. It’s the story of GoodWorld on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:38] The journey that took John from military life to civilian life and entrepreneurship.
[4:25] The mission and execution of the GoodWorld donation movement.
[9:01] Thriving as a startup will require careful management and strategic navigation among big businesses.
[12:27] The contextual differentiation of GoodWorld that makes their idea so simple and so effective.
[15:14] An overview of the user experience for a GoodWorld customer.
[17:20] Using GoodWorld as a platform to increase awareness across multiple charities.
[19:26] Maintaining integrity with the charities and keeping the donations secure.
[23:36] Scaling this growing company and what John looks for in GoodWorld recruits.
[27:02] Balancing the entrepreneur lifestyle with personal life.
[29:19] Overcoming the challenges that every startup company is destined to face.
[34:00] Forecasting the future of GoodWorld.