Episode 37: Episode 37: Physical (featuring Sara DuMond of Pediatric Housecalls)

November 13th, 2018

Many entrepreneurial ideas for new companies are based on the latest technology, but not Pediatric Housecalls. They are redefining the patient experience and bringing back the old-fashioned way to practice medicine, but with a modern twist. This mobile Urgent Care practice takes their medical staff on the road, allowing patients to diagnose and treat common childhood illnesses without leaving the comfort of home.

I’m joined today by Pediatric Housecalls founder Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP. We take a look at the technology and the community that makes this company work. Sara shares how she can maintain a high-quality staff without ever working in the same office, and ways she has overcome the obstacles that come with building any new company. Sara has thrown conventional wisdom out the window, and as a result has turned her dream job into a thriving medical practice. It’s the story of Pediatric Housecalls on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:20] The concept of, and inspiration behind Pediatric Housecalls.
[5:43] What it took to form an all-mom staff that delivers high quality in-home medical care.
[8:48] How Pediatric Housecalls found their niche in the Charlotte medical community.
[11:00] The distinction of the patient experience with in-home medical care.
[15:05] Overcoming obstacles while disrupting the medical industry.
[18:01] Leveraging technology to make Pediatric Housecalls work outside the doctor’s office.
[20:32] Balancing all of the facets of a business starts with effective scheduling.
[23:12] Finding staff that shares Sara’s vision for quality modern-day in-home care business.
[28:56] Scaling a business for growth starts with perfecting the current process.
[31:16] How Sara has succeeded in making week-to-week scheduling work.