Episode 36: Episode 36: Workout (featuring Lauren Foundos of FORTË Fitness)

October 23rd, 2018

After recognizing how hard it is for fitness instructors to scale their business within the walls of a gym, FORTË founder Lauren Foundos built a platform that streams live videos from top trainers directly to students all over the world. FORTË now offers at-home access to boutique gyms all over the country, and the company has only just begun to realize Lauren’s vision for it. Her success proves that validating your business concept when you’re still small will allow you to scale to something big.

Lauren shares her tried-and-true methods for securing new partners, identifying and fulfilling her customers’ needs, and scaling a business in a way that allows incredible growth in the future. Her business tactics may not be the most traditional, but her success has proven that they definitely work. This is the story of FORTË with Lauren Foundos on The Build.

Key Takeaways
[1:28] How this day-trader evolved into a virtual fitness class entrepreneur.
[3:48] Building the technology and marketing stack behind an idea like FORTË.
[6:30] What Lauren looks for in potential partners and talent.
[10:46] The technology and automation that make workouts feel fully immersive for viewers.
[14:50] Seeking investors and keeping a business profitable.
[16:30] Building a wide customer base starts with identifying their needs.
[18:52] Preventing burnout while growing an entrepreneurial idea.
[20:41] The best communication for gaining new customers may not be the most tactful.
[23:58] Looking to the future of streaming with 360 or VR technology.
[26:14] Lauren’s vision for the future of FORTË.

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