Episode 34: Episode 34: Timing (G-Squared Partners featuring Gene Godick)

October 9th, 2018

Gene Godick is the founder of G-Squared Partners, a service designed to help early-stage companies get CFO level support. Gene spent his early career years building experience across a variety of industries and recognized the need for every start-up company to have access to expert financial help. He has created an outsource finance team in a box that is available to any size company.

Today we’re taking a look at the importance of your company’s financial well-being. We talk about the right time to hire a financial advisor, scaling your business for success, and the main concerns investors have about start-up companies. Gene shares coaching advice he has offered CEOs, lessons he’s seen in the boardroom, and how to grow any business the smart way.

Key Takeaways
[1:13] Why every start-up company needs expert financial help from the beginning.
[5:55] A look at the critical role of CFO for a growing company.
[8:55] The main concern investors have about startup companies.
[10:57] Coaching CEOs beyond financials includes identifying priorities, allocating time and managing resources.
[14:49] The advantages of having access to a part-time financial team.
[18:00] Securing a high-capacity team means hiring out of college and training future leaders.
[21:00] Two points to consider when structuring any start-up company for success.
[25:40] Examining the advantages of bootstrapping founders versus traditional funding.
[27:26] Growing and scaling a business while preparing for the future.