Episode 33: Episode 33: Insecurity (featuring Megha Kulshreshtha of Food Connect Group)

October 2nd, 2018

Megha Kulshreshtha took what she learned as a corporate data analyst and focused on the growing problem of food insecurity in America’s urban centers. She launched an organization that is using mobile technology to make it easier to collect food donations on demand so they can reach people who need them the most.

Together we discuss the innovation and technology that Food Connect uses to make it easy for restaurants to donate excess food to shelters and other hunger-fighting organizations. Megha shares lessons she has learned while forming a non-profit, how she manages the logistics of handling inconsistent donations, and a look at the impact that Food Connect could have in cities around the country.

Key Takeaways
[1:17] The reality of food insecurity and how it inspired the Food Connect movement.
[4:54] The process of turning food waste into donations starts with educating the community.
[7:34] How Food Connect utilizes innovation and technology in their surplus food gathering efforts.
[9:24] The process of converting an organization from an LLC into a 501(c)(3).
[12:54] Megha shares the lessons she has learned while transitioning from the driver to the leader of Food Connect.
[15:28] Tips for securing the resources and funding that any organization needs to grow.
[22:15] The value of creating consistent systems that work in an inconsistent donation environment and utilizing a volunteer network.
[24:44] A list of current needs at donation sites and looking ahead to the future of Food Connect.
[31:20] The long-term impact on families that are receiving the donations from Food Connect and how listeners can get involved.

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